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Palacio Sintra February
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The National Palace of Sintra is a remarkable building and one of the most notable mediaeval palaces in Portugal. From the earliest days of the nation, Sintra has been a favourite location of Portuguese monarchs, but the palace as we see it today was rebuilt by Dom João I and enriched by Dom Manuel I.

The palace interior is a must-see, where visitors can learn about Portugal’s history. The decoration is an impressive blend of artistic styles reflecting the tastes of the kings who once resided there. Each room has its own unique name, such as the Swans’ Room, the Armoury, the Magpie or Reading Room, and the chapel. The palace also houses a brief history of decorative tile (azulejo) development in Portugal, including Spanish-Moorish tiles and typical blue-and-white tiles of the 18th century.

Outside, the palace is distinguished by its two large conical chimneys, each towering 33 metres high, which have become the symbol of Sintra.

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Visiting Sintra National Palace




adult/child €10/8.50

Address: Sintra National Palace, Largo Rainha Dona Amélia, Sintra, Portugal
Duration: 1 hours
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