Porte Saint Nicolas, Beaune

City Gate in Beaune

Beaune Porte Saint-Nicolas
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The historic Porte du Bourgneuf in Beaune, is an old fortified gate complete with a drawbridge, has been the entry point for numerous distinguished guests throughout its history. Notable visits include Henry II with Catherine de Medici in 1548, who were greeted by canons under a freshly painted triumphal arch accompanied by tambourine music. Charles IX, along with the Queen Mother, briefly stayed in 1594, and the gate was adorned once more for the arrival of Louis XIII en route to the Alps in 1629, followed by Queen Anne of Austria the next year. However, the most grandiose welcome was reserved for Louis XIV and the queen on November 19 and 20, 1658, marked by the firing of cannon.

In 1770, a new ceremonial gate, designed by the Dijon architect Lenoir Le Romain and commissioned by Mayor Maufoux, was erected to modernize the city’s entrance from the north, reflecting contemporary tastes and architectural styles of the time. This gate continues to welcome visitors, symbolizing the city’s rich historical legacy and its ongoing evolution.

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Visiting Porte Saint Nicolas, Beaune


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Address: Porte Saint-Nicolas, Rue de Lorraine, Beaune, France
Duration: 20 minutes

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