Porta San Francesco, San Marino

City Gate in San Marino

Porta San Francesco, San Marino
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Cezar Suceveanu

Porta San Francesco, also known as Porta del Paese, is an ancient guard post located in the City of San Marino within the Republic of San Marino. It was initially constructed in 1361 and underwent significant modifications in 1451. Further renovations were carried out in 1581, which included the addition of a front door and the elevation of the original arch. A crenelated tower with machicolations was also added during this phase.

On the backside of the gate, you can find the coat of arms of San Marino and the Feltresca family embedded in the wall. Beneath the gate, there are plaques displaying seventeenth-century statutes that warned foreigners against entering the city of San Marino with weapons.

Porta San Francesco is notable for being featured on the San Marino two-cent euro coins of the second series.

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Visiting Porta San Francesco, San Marino

Address: Porta San Francesco, Piazzale Lo Stradone, San Marino
Duration: 20 minutes

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