Passo delle Streghe

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Passo Delle Streghe San Marino

The Passo delle Streghe or Witches’ Pass, is situated outside the historic walls of San Marino on the summit of Mount Titano, offers breath-taking views of the Adriatic Sea and the Romagna coast, stretching as far as the valleys of Comacchio. It’s an experience that evokes both the medieval atmosphere and a sense of romance due to its captivating vistas.

But why is it named the “Witches’ Pass”?

The origin of this name can be traced back to the Middle Ages, a time of legends and popular beliefs. During that era, black cats were often considered the reincarnations of witches, who were believed to be capable of stealing the bodies of beautiful girls. Interestingly, the most beautiful girl in San Marino was rumored to be a witch herself. Legend has it that she would visit the Witches’ Pass each night, where the moonlight would enable her transformation. She wasn’t alone in this, as many other young girls would gather at the pass, lighting large fires, dancing together, and performing mysterious rituals involving aromatic herbs and flowers, making them akin to herbalists.

The girls’ gatherings were likely driven by a simple desire to celebrate life. However, these gatherings, with their whispers and rustlings, perplexed and frightened the local inhabitants, who couldn’t comprehend their intentions. This led to the posting of guards to prevent the women from approaching the walls.

Even today, when the wind blows through the Passo delle Streghe, some say that the voices of these women can still be heard, echoing through the ages.

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Visiting Passo delle Streghe


24 Hours



Address: Passo delle Streghe 10-4 47890 Città di San Marino San Marino
Duration: 20 minutes

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