Piazza della libertà, San Marino

Square in San Marino

Piazza Della Liberta Din San Marino
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Cezar Suceveanu

San Marino’s Piazza della Libertà stands as the Republic’s most renowned square. Positioned at the heart of the city, it hosts vital government structures, including the Palazzo Pubblico, the tourism secretariat, and San Marino’s philatelic office. Despite its compact appearance, the square is remarkably expansive and imposing. It frequently serves as the backdrop for significant demonstrations, prestigious events, concerts, and local fairs.

In the centre of this square, you’ll find a striking fountain featuring the magnificent Statue of Liberty of San Marino. This exceptional marble sculpture, designed by the artist Stefano G., was generously gifted to the Republic by the noble Countess Otilia H. Wagener as a symbol of freedom. The monument portrays liberty as a resolute warrior, clutching a flag in one hand and wearing a precious crown adorned with the iconic three towers of San Marino. Additionally, the Palazzo Pubblico, where the Captains Regent work tirelessly for the well-being of the San Marino people, graces the Piazza della Libertà of San Marino.

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Visiting Piazza della libertà, San Marino


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Address: Piazza della Libertà, San Marino
Duration: 30 minutes

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