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Paseo De Los Nogales, Generalife 6
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The Paseo de los Nogales or Promenade of the Walnut Trees is a walkway between the entrance of the Alhambra and the Generalife in the Alhambra Complex, in Granada, Spain. It runs alongside the, and to the south of the Jardines Bajos or lower gardens. There are benches along the walk but little shade.

What can you see from the Paseo de los Nogales?

The Paseo de los Nogales is surrounded by cypress trees and profuse vegetation, with vine orchards and the legendary towers of the Alhambra, whose views are on your left. The first tower you see will be the forlorn looking Torre del Cabo de la Carrera or Tower of the End of the Street which was destroyed in 1812 by the retreating forces of Napoleon. The next is the Torre de las Infantas or Tower of the Princesses, which held the three daughters,  Zaida, Zoraida and Zorahaida of Emir Mohamed IX (ca. 1370-1453) prisoners.  Followed by the Torre de la Cautiva or Tower of the Captive named after its famous occupant Lady Isabel de Solís, who had been a captive but, converted to the Islamand became the Sultan’s, favorite wife. The final two tower before turning off the road would be the Torre del Cadí or Tower of the Judge and the Torre de los Picos with its distinctive crenelations.

You can continue along the Paseo de los Nogales until you get the the Placeta del Moral where you can see the pathway up from the Cuesta del Rey Chico at the foot of the Torre del Cadí. However fromhere you will not be able to access the Generalife and will need to return the way you came.

The Paseo de los Nogales was repaved in 2009 and during the archaeological surveys carried out, archaeological remains of a channel of the Acequia Real de la Alhambra which is a water channel  that supplied water to the entire palatial enclosure.

Where is the Paseo de los Nogales located?

The start of the Paseo de los Nogales is located opposite from the Torre del Cabo de la Carrera, acorss the Cuesta del Rey Chico. As you approach from the entrance you come to a junction, the left turning takes you up the Paseo de los Nogales and the right to the Paseo de los Cipreses.

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Visiting Paseo de los Nogales

Duration: 20 minutes

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