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Genova Palazzo Reale Giardino
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Genoa’s Royal Palace stands as one of Italy’s most exquisite architectural marvels. This remarkable edifice has managed to preserve its interiors in their original splendour, complete with authentic furniture, opulent décor, and an array of exceptional artworks.

The house-museum’s collections offer glimpses into the lives of the noble families that conceived, constructed, and inhabited the palace over the centuries. Beginning with the Balbi family, who initially owned the palace, notable seventeenth-century masterpieces acquired by them still grace the sumptuous chambers of the Grand Piano Nobile. Subsequent enhancements were orchestrated by the Durazzo family, enlightened patrons who bestowed eighteenth-century magnificence upon the palace. The final alterations that transformed the structure into a royal palace can be attributed to the Savoy family. The evolution of the palace is a narrative that remains fully discernible to this day.

In a rarity, the residence transitioned from one patrician family to another, navigating through wars and safeguarding centuries of historical significance. Among the impressive paintings, one can find masterpieces by luminaries like Veronese and Van Dyck, along with exquisite furnishings featuring intricately crafted cabinetry—each item offering insights into the lives of its erstwhile inhabitants.

However, the experience transcends mere aesthetics. Just as it did in the past for those on the Grand Tour, a visit to the palace acts as a voyage through the city’s history and affluence. It unveils a testament to how transformation can blossom into beauty. The Gallery of Mirrors stands as an embodiment of the Genoese people’s impeccable taste, their cosmopolitan outlook, and their deep and vibrant interactions with markets, residences, and artists from across Europe.

Stepping into the interiors—adorned with sculptures, paintings, marbles, precious fabrics, gilded woodwork, and crystal chandeliers—and exploring the exteriors—such as the hanging garden and terraces—imbues visitors with both grand and intimate atmospheres. The experience culminates in unforgettable vistas of the bustling port, encapsulating the allure of Genoa’s Royal Palace.

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Visiting Palazzo Reale , Genoa

Address: Palazzo Reale, Via Balbi, Genoa, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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