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Belvedere Castelletto
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Perched high above the city, the magnificent Soianata Castelletto platform offers an impressive vantage point, granting a panoramic 360-degree view of the historic cityscape. From this elevated perch, one can gaze upon the old city’s intricate layout and absorb the bustling maritime scene that unfolds before the eyes. The expansive view stretches to encompass the modern ships dotting the port, the Stazione Marittime cruise terminal, the historical Genoa Porto Antico, and the entire port district.

A viewpoint of unparalleled significance, the eyes are free to wander over a tapestry of towers and rooftops, capturing the essence of the elegant villa district near Righi hill. The moniker “Castelletto” draws its roots from a castle that once dominated this very location within the city center. Although the castle was razed long ago, its legacy lives on in the district’s name. The fortress that lent its name to the neighborhood stood tall until 1849, before being dismantled out of fear of potential harm should enemy forces seize control. Today, only the district’s appellation serves as a reminder of its historical presence.

From the elevated expanse of Spianata Castelletto, the baroque domes, medieval spires, characteristic slate roofs, and palace gardens are unveiled in their splendid entirety. Accessing this marvelous vantage point is made effortless by the Ascensore della Spianata Castelletto lift, which commences from Piazza Portello. This lift, a piece of architectural marvel in itself, offers a leisurely ascent, providing a serene opportunity to bask in the city’s panoramic allure. As one gazes away from the sea, the view extends towards the verdant hills adorned with sophisticated villas nestled amidst expansive parklands.

The Spianata Castelletto achieved notoriety among city visitors during the early 20th century, thanks in part to the iconic photographs captured by the renowned Alinari brothers. Their images transformed the Spianata into an emblem of the city, making it a sought-after destination for tourists. Beyond its location, the Spianata stands out for its architectural intrigue.

Taking the vintage elevator ride up to this elevated observation point is a singular experience. Sunset often witnesses couples seeking romantic interludes here. As the sun retreats, tiny bats emerge while cheeky wild-necked parakeets captivate visitors’ attention with their playful antics.

When exploring the historic city center, the Spianata Castelletto should not escape your attention. While its elevator might be somewhat concealed, the signs will guide your way. Regardless of the hour, an elevator journey to this viewpoint is a venture well worth undertaking. Whether it’s the break of dawn or the onset of twilight, the quality of light lends an enchanting aura, particularly during quieter moments. The vista is nothing short of breathtaking, extending its embrace to encompass even the substantial loading cranes of the port. In Genoa’s list of notable destinations, this stands as an undeniable highlight.

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Visiting Soianata Castelletto

Address: Spianata Castelletto, Spianata di Castelletto, Genoa, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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