Porto Antico di Genova

Port in Genova

Porto Antico Genova
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The Porto Antico, as its name implies, was originally the historical harbour, and it has now transformed into a sprawling contemporary waterfront zone. Following a series of significant revitalizations, and with the creative input of the internationally acclaimed Genoese architect Renzo Piano, it has blossomed into the focal point of numerous prominent city attractions.

After experiencing the wonders of the Aquarium, exploring the depths in a submarine, and stepping aboard the replica galleon, and after the youngsters have expended their energy at the Città dei Bambini and the Luzzatti Museum, the Porto Antico continues to offer an exceptional setting for various activities. Whether it’s indulging in delectable dining, leisurely browsing, taking a casual stroll, or simply unwinding beneath the palm trees while soaking up the sun and the vibrant ambiance, the Porto Antico has it all.

Frequently chosen to host an array of cultural, culinary, and civic gatherings, this locale is always abuzz with activity, making it a cherished destination for both tourists and locals. Furthermore, it provides a secure pedestrian setting where children can frolic and play freely.

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Visiting Porto Antico di Genova

Address: Porto Antico di Genova, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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