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Preziuso Castello DAlbertis
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Anton Preziuso

The D’Albertis Castle, an extraordinary museum-home nestled within a neo-Gothic castle, offers a unique glimpse into the life of Captain Enrico Alberto D’Albertis, its visionary creator. Following his passing in 1932, he generously bequeathed the castle and its contents to the city of Genoa. Captain D’Albertis, an intrepid traveler of the 19th and 20th centuries, captured his own world within the romantic ambiance of the castle. The spaces within are a blend of “chambers of wonders,” nautical inspirations, reflections of Christopher Columbus’ legacy, and trophies from colonial expeditions.

D’Albertis’ castle, as evidenced by architectural drawings, reflects his fascination with distant lands and cultures. His spirit was a fusion of Genoese identity, a profound connection to the sea, and an insatiable curiosity for the unexplored.

The museum’s collections, displayed in elaborately furnished rooms each evoking a specific style, are a testament to D’Albertis’ travels and explorations. These collections encompass ethnographic and archaeological artifacts amassed across five continents by Captain D’Albertis himself. Additionally, the museum includes items collected by his cousin Luigi Maria, the first explorer of New Guinea’s Fly River (1872-1878).

Upon entering the sixteenth-century bastion upon which the castle is perched, a new journey for visitors begins. This itinerary leads through a captivating presentation of extra-European acquisitions acquired by the city during the last century. The museum showcases pre-Columbian archaeological discoveries from Central and South America, as well as ethnographic artifacts from Canada donated by American Catholic Missions following the Colombian celebrations of 1892. This collection has been meticulously curated to foster dialogue with the cultures of origin, creating an exceptional interpretive experience.

In essence, the D’Albertis Castle serves as a portal to the explorative and curious spirit of Captain Enrico Alberto D’Albertis. It invites visitors to journey through his collected treasures, which encapsulate the diverse and interconnected nature of global cultures, as well as the adventurous heart of a true explorer.

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Visiting D'Albertis Castle

Address: D'Albertis Castle, Corso Dogali, Genoa, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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