Museo d'Arte Orientale (Oriental Art Museum) Genoa

Museum in Genova

Oriental Art Museum E. Chiossone
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Marcolepriph

Situated within the heart of the city centre, in the 19th-century Villetta Di Negro park that overlooks the sophisticated expanse of Piazza Corvetto, an enclave is dedicated to the Far East. Gazing seaward, an edifice characterized by pristine rationalist architecture takes its stance—a structure ingeniously conceptualized by Mario Labò to provide a haven for the collection bequeathed to Genoa by Edoardo Chiossone. A highly skilled engraver hailing from Genoa, Chiossone’s endeavours took him to Japan during the late 19th century. His renown spans the globe, credited with designing the inaugural Japanese banknotes and securities.

The Museum, christened in his honour and established in 1905, is nestled within this locale. It stands as Italy’s pioneering establishment committed to Japanese art, boasting a trove of the largest, most exquisite, and remarkably diverse collection of Japanese art within the nation—an accolade extended to its distinction as one of the most significant repositories of its kind across Europe.

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Visiting Museo d'Arte Orientale (Oriental Art Museum) Genoa

Address: Edoardo Chiossone Museum of Oriental Art, Piazzale Giuseppe Mazzini, Genoa, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy
Duration: 30 minutes

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