Palazzo dei Consoli

Palace in Gubbio

Palazzo Dei Consoli, Piazza Grande, Gubbio

Easily recognizable from a distance, the Palazzo dei Consoli is situated in the heart of Gubbio’s historic center, its imposing facade overlooking the picturesque Piazza Grande, a pivotal hub of political activity during the fourteenth century. Beyond its captivating exterior, the Palazzo dei Consoli beckons visitors with its remarkable art collections housed within. Serving as the seat of both the Archaeological Museum and the Art Gallery, it offers a captivating journey through the region’s cultural heritage.

Constructed between 1332 and 1349, the Palazzo dei Consoli stands as a testament to Gothic architectural splendor, bearing the creative imprint of Angelo da Orvieto, as recorded in an inscription above the entrance arch, and the contributions of Matteo di Giovannello, known as Gattapone. Its rectangular layout is accentuated by vertical pilasters dividing the facade into three distinct sections. The first level features a majestic portal accessed via a fan-shaped staircase, adorned with a fresco by Bernardino di Nanni dell’Eugenia depicting the Madonna and Child flanked by San Giovanni Battista and Sant’Ubaldo, albeit significantly modified by Benedetto Nucci in the sixteenth century. Flanking the portal are two full-centre mullioned windows, while the second level boasts six similar windows crowned by a dentil frame. Topping the palace is a crenellated crown adorned with pointed arches, with the bell tower rising to the left. The left side and rear maintain a harmonious symmetry with the facade, while an additional structure on the left side comprises a portico extending to Via Baldassini.

The grandeur continues within, where the Arengo room on the first floor boasts expansive barrel vaults. Today, the interior hosts the art gallery on the upper floor and the archaeological collection on the ground floor, offering visitors a comprehensive exploration of Gubbio’s rich artistic and historical legacy.

A fascinating piece of Gubbio’s history, the Palazzo dei Consoli, alongside the unfinished Palazzo Pretorio, reflects the city’s flourishing expansion during the early fourteenth century. This period witnessed the city’s burgeoning economic and political influence, prompting the creation of a grand public space in the form of the magnificent hanging square of Piazza Grande—a symbol of Gubbio’s impartial connection point in political matters, bordering all neighborhoods yet external to each.

For convenient access to the historic center, visitors can park their vehicles in the Piazza 40 Martiri car park and explore the delights of Gubbio on foot. Admission to the civic museum, comprising the archaeological collection and art gallery, is available with a single ticket, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all.

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Visiting Palazzo dei Consoli


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Address: Palazzo dei Consoli, Piazza Grande, Gubbio, Province of Perugia, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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