Largo dos Laranjais

Historic Building and Square in Guimarães

Casa E Largo Dos Laranjais
CC BY-SA 2.0 / José Antonio Gil Martínez

Largo dos Laranjais or the Square of the Orange Trees is a charming small square adorned with stone benches and a delightful orange grove. The orange trees stand out beautifully against the square’s backdrop, creating a picturesque scene.  The square is overlooked by a tall medieval tower – the Casa dos Laranjais.

Casa dos Laranjais

The Casa dos Laranjais is a stunning architectural masterpiece that reflects a fusion of styles and eras. Although the building underwent an architectural campaign during the 18th century, traces of previous constructions have been seamlessly integrated into its design. The tower, for instance, which stands tall with merlons and a gargoyle on the corner, was built in 1654 and features a tombstone. This tower is reminiscent of the medieval tower houses that were popular among the Portuguese nobility and has remained a prominent feature of the building over the centuries, particularly in the northern region of the country.

The Manueline period is also represented in the Casa dos Laranjais through two doors inscribed on the facade of the attached body to the tower. The building underwent a major renovation in the 18th century, with special emphasis placed on the body of the building, which reflects the housing concepts of that era, evident in the regularity of the plan and elevations.

Monument Alberto Sampaio

A monument in honour of Alberto Sampaio is also located in this area, adding to the cultural richness of the surroundings. Alberto Sampaio was a historian from Guimarães, passionate about his city and history, who gives his name to one of the museums in Guimarães. He was represented here in a bronze bas-relief, by António de Azevedo.

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Visiting Largo dos Laranjais


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Address: Largo dos Laranjais, Guimaraes, Portugal
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