Fonte do Largo Dr. João da Mota Prego (Guimarães)

Fountain and Square in Guimarães

Fonte Do Largo Dr. João Da Mota Prego
CC BY-SA 4.0 / John Samuel

Fonte do Largo Dr. João da Mota Prego is a small green area in the heart of the Historic Centre, with two olive trees and a lavender plantation, which on summer days leaves an unforgettable scent on passers-by. This square is adorned by a Fountain, also known as “Tanque de Santo António” (its name comes from the fact that this fountain was located in the old Rua Nova de Santo António), from which water flows from two spouts in the shape of of two dolphins, positioned on the sides and which, in times gone by, served as a public washhouse.

Casa das Rótulas

Here you can see the Casa das Rótulas , possibly built in the first half of the 19th century. XVII, given the typology it presents, namely with regard to the use of wooden railings placed on the balconies of houses (lattices or kneecaps), widely used in houses in the north of the country from the end of the sixteenth century.

Rectangular in plan, the building is divided into two floors, maintaining the granite structure on the ground floor, while on the upper floor the main façade is completely covered with wooden “kneecaps”. The side façade is covered with slate cladding, with two sash windows.
This house, due to its architectural characteristics, was considered a property of municipal value in 1993. It was subject to restoration works in 2005, carried out by the Municipality of Guimarães, but maintains the original typology.

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Visiting Fonte do Largo Dr. João da Mota Prego (Guimarães)

Duration: 20 minutes

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