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Mirador Historico La Concepcion
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The Jardín Botánico Histórico La Concepción is an English landscape garden originally planted in the 1850s,  they are located 5km north of Málaga, in Spain.

History of the Jardin Botanico Malaga

In 1855, when Jorge Loring and Amalia Heredia, two members of Malaga’s rising bourgeois class, got married, they planned the creation of the gardens. They purchased some farmland to the north of Malaga where there were previously olive, almond and citrus fruit trees. They ordered plants and trees from all round the world and created a tropical oasis throughout the 23-hectare site.

The grounds were updated by different owners in 1911.

In the year 1990 it was purchased by the town hall of Malaga who divided it into 2 parts to build the Limonero reservoir. After a few construction works it was open to the public again in 1994 as a historical botanical garden and cultural, didactic and scientific center.

Today the botanical garden is considered a historical-artistic garden, an asset of cultural interest.

What to see at the Jardin Botanico Malaga

The gardens have several clearly defined areas including the historic gardens with water features and the main house. Some of the key areas to look for are:

  • Around the world in 80 trees – present the most frequent species from the five continents. The garden is organized with 80 trees on the right and left of the path, arranged according to the continent of origin.
  • Mirador – this early 20th century addition to the garden provides amazing views of Malaga and the sea. When it was built, it originally looked out over country estates and farm land, however a century later and the views are mostly urban., but it’s still quite something to look over the city and see the Cathedral and Port far below you.
  • House – the house isn’t generally open to the public but you can look through the windows to see the floors which are covered in stunning colorful hydraulic tiles. Don’t miss the central patio with its colonial-style wrought-iron work.
  • Palm trees – a combination of old and new trees, the older ones towering over the paths of the palm tree avenue. Lookout for the Bismarck Palm with its unusual leaves and the Cuban Palm with its slender grey trunk ringed in distinctive white.
  • Black bamboo forest – there are a few bamboo plantations. Look out for the unusual black bamboo forest.
  • Wisteria Arbour – the wisteria was planted in 1857, over a wire arbour adjacent to the house. It flowers in March/April and it’s worth coming just for the sight and scent of this alone.
  • Loringian Museum – where they exhibited the archaeological remains found in Malaga with excavations financed by the Loring family.
  • San Telmo aqueduct – built in 1782 it was the most important hydraulic work of the 18th century in Spain. It was more than 10 km long and provided La Concepcion with one water supply.

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Visiting Jardin Botanico Malaga


9.30am-7.30pm Tue-Sun Apr-Sep, to 4.30pm Tue-Sun Oct-Mar



Address: Histórico La Concepción Botanical Garden Camino del Jardín Botánico, 3 29014 Málaga Spain
Telephone: +34 951 92 61 80
Duration: 20 minutes

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