Igreja Matriz do Bonfim

Church in Porto

Porto Igreja Bonfim
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The Igreja Matriz do Bonfim is a church located in the city of Porto, Portugal, with a history dating back to the existence of a chapel on its current site in 1786. The current church was built between 1874 and 1894, as the population of the parish annexed by the city had grown and the existing chapel was no longer sufficient. It was consecrated to Santa Clara and Senhor do Bonfim.

The church’s neoclassical architectural style is characterized by its apparent simplicity, with a façade featuring two registers, topped by a triangular pediment with a high relief lamb symbolizing the immolated Jesus Christ. The lower register has a single portico and windows, surmounted by captions. The façade is flanked by two 42-meter-high bell towers.

Inside, the nave is covered by a barrel vault decorated with stucco, and the main altar features a panel painting of Calvary by Júlio Costa. The pipe organ was salvaged from the Church of the Benedictine Monastery of Avé Maria, which was to be demolished for the construction of the S. Bento Station.

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Visiting Igreja Matriz do Bonfim

Address: Igreja Matriz do Bonfim, Rua do Monte do Bonfim, Porto, Portugal
Duration: 15 minutes

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