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La Spezia Museo Del Sigillo Palazzina Delle Arti
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Situated within the captivating historic center of La Spezia, the Civic Museum of the Seal finds its abode within the venerable confines of the Paolotti convent, a structure steeped in 17th-century history. This museum’s inception took place in the year 2000, a testament to the generous donation from Lilian and Euro Capellini. Their unwavering dedication over three decades fostered relationships and collaborations with eminent auction houses, culminating in a remarkable collection.

In 2013, the museum’s treasures were further enriched through contributions from the Fiocchi and Maulella families. The exhibits encompass an array of invaluable artifacts spanning from Roman times to the medieval and Renaissance eras, particularly highlighting the artistry of goldsmiths from these periods. Notably, the Capellini Collection’s segment devoted to the Liberty period stands out within the exhibition’s narrative. Within this section, a mesmerizing array of silver, ivory, tortoiseshell, semi-precious stones, shells, porcelain, and bronze artifacts beckon visitors.

Among the exhibits, a captivating showcase houses what are affectionately referred to as “small monuments.” This collection includes portraits of historical luminaries, bronze statuettes crafted by Joseph Bosio, and metal handles adorned with allegorical figures. Noteworthy among the museum’s treasures are the seals graciously donated by various families. Standout seals include the ivory Marchant seal, a testament to the artistry of the prominent engraver Marchant from the 18th century; the gold Bonapartist seal, an ornate male seal ring embellished with a depiction of Helen and Napoleon’s tomb; and lastly, the seal of friendship—a golden embodiment with a male hand grasping a female hand—a symbol of enduring connection.

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Daily: 10:00 – 18:00

Closed Monday



Address: Via del Prione, 236, La Spezia, SP, Liguria, Italy
Duration: 1 hours

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