Lucerne City Guide

Luzern (loot-SAIRN, “Lucerne” in English) has served as Switzerland’s premier destination for tourism for an extensive period. Nestled along the shoreline of a lake (also known as Vierwaldstätter See), and set against the stunning backdrop of the Alps, Luzern held a regular spot on the European Grand Tour circuit during the Romantic era. It welcomed illustrious visitors such as Mark Twain, Goethe, and Queen Victoria. With its captivating old town, a pair of picturesque wooden bridges, an array of exceptional museums, and the renowned weeping lion monument, Luzern boasts attractions that solidify its place on any Swiss travel agenda. Furthermore, Luzern serves as an excellent starting point for exploring the nearby region recognized as Central Switzerland (Zentralschweiz).

Nice to know: The name “Luzern” is derived from lucerna, Latin for “lamp”.

24 Best things to See in Lucerne

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