Gletschergarten (Glacier Garden)

Museum in Lucerne

Gletschergarten, Luzern, LU, Schweiz. Glacier Garden, Lucerne, LU, Switzerland.
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Leiju

Nestled upon the ancient mountain landscapes of Central Switzerland, the world’s oldest, a treasure trove of scenery unfolds at your feet. Lucerne’s Glacier Garden beckons you to peer through a window into the Earth’s history. Within its rocky depths, a journey across epochs and stones unveils remarkable insights. Complementing this captivating exploration are a museum and a captivating maze of mirrors, all awaiting your discovery. A visit to the Lucerne Glacier Garden proves enriching for all, regardless of age or whether you venture alone or with family. Petrified “giant’s kettles,” an enigmatic rocky underworld, a mesmerizing mirror labyrinth, a captivating museum, and an enchanting alpine park converge to offer a realm of wonders at the Glacier Garden. And for a delightful snack, venture to the bistro, while the shop presents keepsakes to commemorate your visit.

Rocky Underworld: Descending through the grand entrance portal, visitors plunge into the rocky underworld, igniting a voyage through time and space. The ambiance is heightened by artistic animations projected onto the rocky contours. This subterranean expanse is meticulously chronologized, each section devoted to a geological epoch. Embarking on a journey from a fossilized seashore, the odyssey unfolds through the ages, culminating in the present.

Mirror Maze: Ninety mirrors conjure baffling bewilderment, creating an illusion of infinite pathways within the maze, although they are indeed brief. At every angle, your reflection greets you – a sensation that perpetually astonishes. Originating for the Swiss National Exhibition in Geneva in 1896, this beguiling labyrinth found its home in Lucerne in 1899. Evoking the allure of the historic Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain, this mesmerizing maze delights in confounding perceptions.

Giant’s Kettles: The colossal “giant’s kettles” stand as testament to the last ice age, when the Lucerne region lay beneath a thick icy shroud. Older still are the petrified mussels and palm tree fronds unearthed within the Glacier Garden. These artifacts unveil a narrative of Lucerne’s past as a subtropical shoreline adorned with palm trees some 20 million years ago. Such findings make the Glacier Garden a pivotal geological site of national significance.

Swiss House: Museum Within the historic dwelling of the Amrein family, the museum resides, chronicling their multifaceted legacy as Glacier Garden founders. On display are raised-relief mountain maps, geological specimens, and domestic artifacts. These collections mirror the diverse interests of the Amrein family: while the women adorned the home, the men’s fascination lay in geology and archaeology.

Alpine Park: Emerging from the labyrinthine path carved through Lucerne’s sandstone underworld, you’ll arrive at Sommerau meadow, adjacent to the Alpine Garden. This tranquil setting extends the historic ambiance of the Glacier Garden. Greeting the daylight, visitors are graced with an awe-inspiring panorama stretching from Lucerne to the majestic Alps.

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Visiting Gletschergarten (Glacier Garden)


April 1 to October 31 (sommer season)

daily 10 am to 6 pm

November 1 to March 31 (winter season)

daily 10 am to 5 pm


Adults: CHF22

Address: Gletschergarten Luzern, Denkmalstrasse, Lucerne, Switzerland
Duration: 20 minutes

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