Richard Wagner Museum

Historic Building and Museum in Lucerne

Richard Wagner Museum
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Studio1521

The Richard Wagner Museum, once the abode of the artist, has transformed into a repository of his legacy.

Between 1866 and 1872, Richard Wagner, along with his second wife Cosima and their children, inhabited the grand mansion at Triebschen on Lake Lucerne. Nestled in a park-like setting and positioned right by the lakeshore, this residence now hosts a collection that delves into the life of Richard Wagner during his time at Triebschen.

The former abode’s ground floor has been repurposed to showcase exhibits dedicated to Richard Wagner and his tenure in Triebschen. Beyond the gastronomic offerings, the Sommercafé situated on the museum’s picturesque forecourt provides enchanting vistas of the surrounding mountains and the lake.

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Visiting Richard Wagner Museum


The museum is open from Tue – Sun, 11am -5pm.


Adults: 12.00 CHF

Address: Richard Wagner Museum Lucerne, Richard-Wagner-Weg, Lucerne, Switzerland
Duration: 20 minutes

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