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Dornacher House Hirschenplatz

Hirschenplatz or stag square, is a square in Lucerne, Switzerland. The square is surrounded with traditional houses which feature fascinating ornamented facades which are under historical monument protection. One of the building has

This plaza takes its name from the former Hirschen Hotel, which has a sign with a marvellous golden stag.  Ironically, despite this name association, the square historically served as a marketplace for pigs. Moreover, the region located in the southwestern corner earned the moniker “sweet corner.”


Look for the Gänsemännchenbrunnen or he Little Goose-Man Fountain. Neither the most impressive nor the oldest fountain but certainly the most popular among the children of Lucerne. In 1891 goldsmith Carl BossardBrunner had a copy of the original Little Goose-Man in the German Museum, Nuremberg by Pankraz Labenwolf from the year 1530 made by Heinrich Viktor Segesser and had it erected on Hirschenplatz. The tale of the Gooseman follows a similar narrative, culminating in the same outcome. In this version, his wife dispatches him to the town with a flock of geese to sell. After several hours, he returns home, his hands and pockets devoid of any goods, yet his spirits brimming with merriment.

Dornacher House

The Dornacher House stands as a neogothic edifice, characterized by its predominantly white exterior. Within its walls, a mannerist fresco unfolds, vividly capturing the events of the 1499 Battle of Dornach. This conflict marked the final armed clash between Switzerland and the Holy Roman Empire, or what was known as Germany at that time. The fresco commemorates the Swiss triumph over the forces led by Emperor Maximilian I. Despite facing staggering odds – with the Old Swiss Confederacy fielding 6,000 troops against the Holy Roman Empire’s 16,000 soldiers – the Swiss achieved victory, albeit at a substantial cost in terms of casualties. This decisive victory stands as a testament to their resilience and determination.

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Visiting Hirschenplatz

Address: Hirschenplatz, Lucerne, Switzerland
Duration: 20 minutes

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