Villa Marigola, Lerici

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Villa Marigola
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Nestled between Lerici and San Terenzo on a promontory, Villa Marigola stands as a testament to historical and architectural grandeur. This exceptional mansion is encompassed by one of the rare Italian-style gardens that overlook the sea. Since its construction in the 18th century, its exquisite park and panoramic location have ignited the creativity of poets and writers, including Lord Byron, John Keats, Attilio Bertolucci, D.H. Lawrence, Sam Benelli, and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Originally, it served as the summer retreat of the Marquise Ollandini, until the 19th century when English banker Sir Reginald Pearse acquired it. The Englishman proceeded to enhance both the interior and exterior spaces. Subsequently, shipowner Gio Batta Bibolini purchased the villa and enlisted architect Franco Oliva to renovate it along with the park. Between 1926 and 1949, a significant project was undertaken resulting in the present-day layout of Villa Marigola. Among the most remarkable changes executed by Oliva are the captivating gardens. Notably, a link between the evergreen forest behind the villa and the Italian parterre overlooking Lerici Castle was established. The latter features meticulously crafted boxwood and stachys borders, framed by cypresses and magnificent grandiflora magnolia trees. Oliva also maintained the “Bocklin,” a small artificial grotto that greets visitors at the garden entrance.

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Visiting Villa Marigola, Lerici

Address: Villa Marigola Centro Congressi, Via Sebastiano Biaggini, Lerici, SP, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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