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Universidade De Évora
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The University of Évora was established in the sixteenth century under the initiative of Cardinal D. Henrique, the 1st Archbishop of Évora, with the approval of King João III. The initial purpose was to build a facility for Jesuit seminarians, and in 1553, the community extended its building to include the Cloister of the ‘Botica’ (Pharmacy), which later became the College of the Espírito Santo (Holy Spirit), administered by the Company of Jesus. The first academic year commenced on August 28, 1553, and six years later, on April 15, 1559, the university received official recognition as the second university in Portugal, by the Papal Bull Cum a Nobis, issued by Pope Paul IV. The first formal inauguration ceremony took place on November 1, 1559, the Day of All Saints.

The university underwent expansion two years later, with the addition of the Courtyard of the ‘Gerais’. Initially, the university offered courses in Philosophy, Moral, Scripture, Speculative Theology, Rhetoric, Grammar and Humanities, but in the reign of D. Pedro II, it expanded to include Mathematics, Geography, Physics and Military Architecture.

The university’s 200 years of prominence came to an end when it was closed down by the Marquis of Pombal on February 8, 1759, and the Jesuits were expelled from Portugal. It remained shut for two centuries until it was revived in 1973 as a public university. During the closed period, the building served as a host to several other educational institutions, including the Regal Teachers of the ‘Pombalina’ Reform (1762), the Third Order of St. Francis under the protection of Frei Manuel do Cenáculo (1776), the Real Casa Pia (1836), The National ‘Liceu’ – High School (1841), the Industrial and Commercial School (1915) and the University Institute of Évora (1973).

Today, the University of Évora is a modern and innovative institution, renowned for its research and teaching quality. It upholds the Luís de Camões’ motto “Honest study mixed with long experience,” combining its rich pedagogical, cultural and scientific heritage with the contemporary demands of technology, and offers a wide range of training options in humanistic, scientific, technological and artistic areas, including 36 first degrees, 76 master’s programs, and 31 doctoral programs.

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