Anta Grande do Zambujeiro

Historic Site in Évora

Anta Grande De Zambujeiro
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Ángel M. Felicísimo

Anta Grande do Zambujeiro de Valverde is a megalithic monument located in the Évora District of Portugal. It is considered to be one of the largest dolmens in the Iberian Peninsula and is estimated to date back to the Chalcolithic period, around 4000-3500 BCE.

The monument has a diameter of approximately 50 meters and is composed of a large chamber measuring 6 meters in height, which is accessed via a long passage. The stones used in its construction are estimated to weigh up to 10 tons each.

National Monument of Portugal and has been the subject of extensive archaeological research. In the chamber, researchers have discovered various artifacts, including pottery, stone tools, and human remains, which provide valuable insights into the lifestyle and burial practices of the people who constructed the monument.

Despite its significance, the Anta Grande do Zambujeiro de Valverde remains relatively unknown outside of Portugal. However, efforts are being made to raise awareness of the site’s importance and to preserve it for future generations.

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Visiting Anta Grande do Zambujeiro

Address: Anta Grande do Zambujeiro, Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, Portugal
Duration: 40 minutes

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