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Museo Galileo Palazzo
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The Museo Galileo in Florence, located in the ancient Palazzo Castellani in Piazza dei Giudici, houses one of the most significant collections of scientific instruments and experimental apparatuses in the world. The museum’s exhibition showcases over a thousand instruments of immense scientific importance, renowned not only for their significance but also for their exquisite beauty.

The museum revolves around the extraordinary figure of Galileo Galilei, the renowned Italian scientist and astronomer. It offers a fascinating journey through the history of Florence and Tuscany, which, under the patronage of the Medici and Lorraine families, became a center of excellence for scientific knowledge. During this period, the region witnessed episodes and discoveries that profoundly influenced the development of modern science.

The collection includes instruments from the Medici and Lorraine collections, including some original instruments that belonged to Galileo himself. Notably, visitors can see the two telescopes used by Galileo and the telescope lens through which he observed Jupiter’s satellites, a crucial observation that supported the heliocentric model of the solar system proposed by Copernicus.

The museum’s exhibits cover a wide range of scientific topics, such as astronomy, time measurement, ancient representations of the world, military science, precision instruments, and chemistry, among others.

Besides its role as a museum, the Museo Galileo also actively engages in research and documentation activities. It provides scholars from around the world with access to its vast library resources, which are also accessible through the internet. The museum’s library includes facsimiles of all of Leonardo da Vinci’s codices, further enriching the institution’s scientific and historical offerings.

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Visiting The Museo Galileo (Galileo Museum), Florence


Daily 09:30 – 18:00


Adults: €13.00

Address: Museo Galileo, Piazza dei Giudici, Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy
Duration: 1 hours

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