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The Crescent Hotel In Buxton
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Located in the northern part of England, Buxton unveils a hidden gem known as the Crescent, which stands as one of the finest Georgian crescents in the entire United Kingdom.

The roots of Buxton trace back to the Romans, who established a settlement called Aquae Arnemetiae, meaning “the spa of the goddess of the grove,” at the present-day location. Numerous archaeological excavations in the town have unearthed Roman coins, attesting to their presence in Buxton throughout their occupation. The Dukes of Devonshire, hailing from the nearby Chatsworth House, have played a significant role in the town since 1780. It was during this time that the 5th duke utilized profits from his copper mine to transform Buxton into a spa town, drawing inspiration from the renowned city of Bath.

While Georgian and Victorian crescents can be found across the British Isles, the Buxton Crescent stands out for its remarkable ornate design and intricate architecture, earning praise from the Royal Institution of British Architects as more lavishly adorned and complex than its more famous counterpart.

Positioned facing the site of St Ann’s Well, a warm spring known to have flowed for millennia at a temperature of approximately 81.5°C (178°F), the Crescent owes its prosperity as a Victorian spa town to this thermal spring and several others.

To the southwest of the Crescent, you’ll find the Natural Mineral Bath, followed by the Old Hall Hotel. On the northeast side, the Buxton Thermal Baths, now transformed into shops, and The Colonnade, a row of shops with a projecting canopy, add to the architectural allure. Across the forecourt of the Crescent, you’ll encounter the Pump Room and the nearby St Ann’s Well, a public drinking spout constructed on the site of earlier wells dating back to the Roman era. The magnificent architecture of the Crescent harmonizes splendidly with the surrounding countryside, as it is located within Britain’s first National Park.

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Visiting The Crescent, Buxton


The Pump Room (Buxton Visitor Centre)

10:00am-4:00pm every day


Buxton Visitor Centre: Free. Buxton Crescent Visitor Experience Adults: £11.99 General Admission, £15.95 Premium Tour.

Address: Buxton Visitor Centre & The Buxton Crescent Experience The Pump Room The Crescent Buxton SK17 6BH United Kingdom
Duration: 20 minutes

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