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Buxton Museum And Art Gallery
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Housed within the historic Peak Hydrophathic Hotel (1880), the Buxton Museum and Gallery offers captivating exhibitions that delve into the archaeology, history, and geology of both the town and the Peak District.

One of the highlights is the Wonders of the Peak exhibition, which takes you on a fascinating journey through time, from the inception of the universe with the Big Bang to the Victorian era. Here, you’ll discover the incredible formation of the region and have the opportunity to examine fossils of Pliocene mammals that once roamed the landscapes of the Peak District, including scimitar-toothed cats and cave lions.

The Boyd Dawkins Study is a special section that meticulously recreates the working environment of the esteemed archaeologist and geologist, Sir William Boyd Dawkins. It was Dawkins who unearthed many of the remarkable fossils showcased in the museum. After his passing, his archives and library were generously donated to the town, adding further depth to Buxton’s historical collections.

In addition to its archaeological and geological treasures, the museum’s art department boasts a diverse selection of paintings, prints, and watercolors created by renowned artists such as Marc Chagall, Frank Brangwyn, and Edgar Chahine. These artistic pieces provide an added dimension to the cultural richness found within the museum and gallery.

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Visiting Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

Address: Buxton Museum & Art Gallery, Terrace Road, Buxton, UK
Duration: 20 minutes

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