Solomon’s Temple

Historic Building in Buxton

Solomons Temple
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Perched atop the site of a Bronze Age burial mound, Solomon’s Temple oversees the spa town of Buxton, proudly holding the title of the highest market town in England. This charming two-story folly, standing at 20 feet tall, was originally constructed in 1896 as a replacement for an earlier tower built by a local farmer named Solomon Mycock.

The previous tower had succumbed to the elements over time and had been reduced to a pile of stones by 1894. Recognizing the historical significance of the location and the appeal of a prominent landmark, the townspeople generously donated funds for its reconstruction. With the necessary funds secured, the foundation stone was laid on May 31, 1896, by Colonel Sidebottom, M.P., and the tower was officially opened in September of the same year by Victor Cavendish.

In 1988, nearly a century later, the tower required restoration. While funds were allocated by the County Council and The Countryside Commission, there was still a shortfall of £7,500. Following the tradition of community support, the local residents of Buxton rallied once again, raising the additional funds needed to preserve their beloved tower.

Situated atop Grin Low Hill, Solomon’s Temple crowns the summit and was built upon a Bronze Age burial mound known as Grin Low Barrow, which is now part of Buxton Country Park. The excavation of the barrow in 1894, just prior to the tower’s reconstruction, revealed concentric rings of angled slabs and the discovery of human skeletons, cremations, and artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age. This revelation unveiled the tower’s hidden history as it had silently stood guard over centuries of human activity.

Rising 1,440 feet above sea level, Solomon’s Temple, also known as Grinlow Tower, offers breathtaking 360-degree views from its prominent position. On a clear day, visitors can marvel at vistas stretching up to 15 miles or more, with notable landmarks such as the Devonshire Dome, the largest unsupported dome in the UK, and for the keen-eyed observer, even Kinder Scout, the highest point in the Derbyshire Peak District, may be visible. The captivating panoramas from this distinctive local landmark are truly a reward for those who ascend the hill.

The picturesque scenery that unfolds before one’s eyes truly becomes Solomon’s gold, making the visit to Solomon’s Temple an unforgettable experience.

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Visiting Solomon’s Temple

Address: Solomon’s Temple, Buxton, UK
Duration: 20 minutes

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