Mausoleum of Martyrs, Durrës

Historic Site in Durrës

Mosaic At Durrës War Memorial
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Besara1

The mausoleum is  dedicated to the patriots who fell during fighting in World War II and in the Nazi concentration camps. Designed by Albanian architect Kristo Sotiri (1870-1953) and the work for its construction started in 1947.

It consists of three parts: the mausoleum itself which is in the shape of a semicircle, the stairs, and the lawn.

The martyrs’ remains are located in special rooms, while the area for those who fell in the Nazi camps are remembered with commemorative graves. In two marble posters are carved with bronze lettering the names of the interned in Nazi concentration camps. 

There is a large mosaic was added to the mausoleum  in 1976. This was  titled ‘The liberation of Durrës’ which depicts eight Communist Partisans entering the city in 1944.


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Other names of Mausoleum of Martyrs, Durrës

The Mausoleum of Martyrs, Durrës has the following names: Muzeu i Deshmoreve, Muzeu i Deshmoreve dhe Salla e Relikeve te Luftes.

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Visiting Mausoleum of Martyrs, Durrës

Address: Muzeu i Deshmoreve dhe Salla e Relikeve te Luftes, Rruga Aleksander Goga Durrës Albania
Duration: 15 minutes

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