Skelbo Castle

Castle in Sutherland

Skelbo Castle
CC BY-SA 3.0 / StaraBlazkova

Overlooking Loch Fleet, Skelbo Castle was a motte-and-bailey fortification probably built in the 1130s following the suppression of a major rebellion in Moray. Attacked by Robert the Bruce in 1308, the castle was later rebuilt in stone and remained a residence into the eighteenth century.

Skelbo Castle occupies an imposing site over- looking Loch Fleet, at the edge of a high bank. The castle is a complete ruin, and of the N. wall only does any considerable portion remain. It has occupied the NW. corner of a walled enclosure, and has been a rectangular structure measuring interiorly 43′ from E. to W. and 29′ 6″ from N. to S., with walls 4′ 9″ in thickness. The wall of the enclosure, which is 4′ 6″ in thickness, in great measure remains standing. Abutting on the SW. end of the castle has been a range of buildings, now completely ruined. The castle formerly belonged to the family of Sutherland of Duffus.

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Visiting Skelbo Castle

Duration: 20 minutes

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