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Sé De Lamego
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Sé de Lamego or Lamego Cathedral boasts a facade and interior that combine architectural styles from different eras, resulting in a striking and grandiose appearance. The bishopric of Lamego can be traced back to Bishop Sardinário in 572, but it was only reestablished in the 12th century after the Arab invasion was defeated. Construction on the current building began in 1159, on the site of an earlier chapel dedicated to San Sebastian. The cathedral was consecrated in 1175 and dedicated to Saint Mary and Saint Sebastian.

The original Romanesque architecture is represented by the monumental tower on the south side of the main facade. During the Late Middle Ages, the cathedral was embellished with numerous elements, including several burial chapels for members of the episcopate. The tomb of the founding bishop can be found in the chapel of St. Nicholas.

In the early 15th century, the cathedral underwent significant renovations, resulting in the magnificent triple portico frontispiece, which is the most notable Manueline work in the region. In the Modern Age, the cathedral was expanded and enhanced with additional features, such as a Mannerist cloister and a new Baroque main chapel with a deep altar, galleries, and two organs. The transept, built immediately after the chancel, is also Baroque in style.

To the north of the main facade, several buildings can be found, including the former Bishops’ Palace, now a Baroque structure that houses the Lamego Museum since 1917. The museum boasts an impressive collection of religious art, including the panels painted by the renowned 16th century Portuguese artist Grão Vasco for the main chapel of Lamego Cathedral.

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Visiting Sé de Lamego


9am-1pm & 3-6.30pm

Address: Catedral de Lamego, Largo da Sé, Lamego, Portugal
Duration: 20 minutes

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