Torbogen Luzern

Railway in Lucerne

Torbogen Luzern
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The primary hub of Switzerland’s railway network is the Lucerne Railway Station. It facilitates both local and international train services across various rail routes. Positioned alongside the waterfront on the southern edge of Lake Lucerne, just above where the Reuss River flows out, this station plays a pivotal role. A plaza occupies the space between the station’s front and the lake, a spot frequently utilized by local buses. Along the lakeside of this plaza, passengers can access the docks used by passenger ships, creating a seamless connection between rail and water travel. Beneath the station’s concourse and the plaza, there’s an underground shopping mall.

Torbogen Luzern (Archway Lucerne)

Constructed in 1896, the station’s architecture was striking, featuring a remarkable entrance hall topped by a distinctive dome and an elegantly curved roof. Unfortunately, a fire erupted in 1971, resulting in extensive damage to the structure, including the dome, station façade, and concourse.

In due course, a new station was erected and officially opened on 5th February 1991—precisely two decades after the previous station’s destruction. As a tribute to the 1896 building’s legacy, the historical entrance portal facing the lake was reinstated – Torbogen Luzern. This portal is adorned with a sculpture called “Zeitgeist,” crafted by the renowned Swiss sculptor Richard Kissling.

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Visiting Torbogen Luzern

Address: Luzern, Zentralstrasse 1, 6003 Luzern, Switzerland
Duration: 5 minutes

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