Puente de Vizcaya

Bridge in Bilbao

The Puente de Vizcaya or Vizcaya Bridge is a transporter bridge that links the towns of Portugalete and Las Arenas, in the mouth of the Ibaizabal estuary, west of Bilbao. More popularly known as the Hanging Bridge it has been a World Heritage Site since 2006.

It was designed by the Basque architect Alberto de Palacio and built in 1893.  It was the first bridge in the world to carry people and vehicles on a high suspended gondola and still does so today.

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Visiting Puente de Vizcaya


Pedestrian walkway – 10:00-14:00 / 16:00-20:00

Audioguide: €2 – Spanish / Basque / English / French

Gondola – 24 Hours

€0.45/Person / €1.60 Vehicle

Duration: 20 minutes

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