Progonati Waterfall

Natural Phenomenon in Tepelenë

Progonati Waterfall is a largely undiscovered waterfall with crystal-clean water plunges which plunges down 40m into a turquoise colored pool, then flows through a horizontal hole, to drops another 40 m into a second pool. The water then continues to cascade down a series of additional falls for several hundred meters until it reaches the end of the canyon.

The waterfall is located between the villages of Lekdush and Progonat in the Kurveleshi area.

Locals call this area “buza e ujit” (the water’s edge) because of its huge resource of crystal-clear water.

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Other names of Progonati Waterfall

The Progonati Waterfall has the following names: Peshtura Waterfall.

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Visiting Progonati Waterfall

Duration: 1 hours

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