Ourika Valley

Valley in High Atlas Mountains (Western)

Ourika Valley In Marrakech
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Mustaphabelkasse

The Ourika Valley is a popular destination for those looking to escape the heat of Marrakech. Located just an hour’s drive south of the city, it offers a picturesque 68-kilometer stretch of verdant terrain in the shadow of the High Atlas mountains. The valley is dotted with streams, waterfalls, and charming Berber villages, and is named after the Ourika river that flows through it, nourishing the area’s wildflower flora.

Setti Fatma is a village located deep in the valley, famous for its seven waterfalls that can be accessed via foot. These waterfalls become more breathtaking as one goes higher up the hill. Other places of interest in the valley include Tafza, a small village known for its pottery and Berber culture museum, and Aghmat, an archaeological site containing ruins and tombs dating back to pre-Islamic times. The valley is also home to thriving agricultural landscapes such as olive groves and cherry orchards.

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Visiting Ourika Valley

Duration: 20 minutes

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