Oltremare Theme Park

Aquarium and Theme Park in Rimini

Dolphinarium At Oltremare - Riccione
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Oltremare Park in Riccione offers tourists an exciting opportunity to explore the mysteries of the Earth and oceans. Located on the hilltop next to Acquafan, the park spans 110,000 square meters, providing educational and entertaining experiences. Divided into three main sections—Time Travel, Oceans, and Animal Farm—Oltremare showcases a variety of attractions.

Time Travel:

  • The Sundial, an ancient timekeeping instrument, challenges visitors to guess the time based on the shadow it casts.
  • Time Planet features a corridor leading to four rooms, each representing a specific period in the evolution of life on Earth, including the creation of galaxies, the extinction of dinosaurs, melting glaciers, and climate changes.
  • Darwin offers insights into the evolution of life during the Cretaceous Period, with a glass and iron dome housing reproductions of different environmental settings and prehistoric creatures.


  • The Big Lagoon serves as the central point, featuring dolphins of the bottlenose species known for their acrobatics. Educational speeches precede the shows, covering natural selection and myths about dolphins.
  • The lagoon also hosts reproductions of sharks, ocean sunfish, and whales, providing a comprehensive view of marine life.

Animal Farm:

  • This section offers a glimpse into rural life, showcasing courtyard animals, pets, and wild animals. The owner of the farm, the sole human participant in the representation, shares stories about more than 90 animals from 19 different species.

Additionally, Oltremare boasts Tim Imax, a state-of-the-art IMAX technology cinema with a 600-square-meter screen. Tim Imax offers visitors an immersive cinematic experience, allowing them to virtually explore space, climb Mount Everest, and dive into the depths of the sea. It provides a spectacular and engaging way to discover places beyond imagination.

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Visiting Oltremare Theme Park




€ 22

Address: Oltremare, Viale Ascoli Piceno, Riccione, Province of Rimini, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes
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