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The Palazzo Fulgor, accessible from Piazzetta San Martino, houses the renowned Fulgor Cinema on its ground floor, while the upper floors are dedicated to information, study, and research. The first floor showcases Fellini’s imaginary world through original posters and fliers, preserving the essence of his films. The digital archive, featuring drawings, letters, and first-hand accounts from the Fondo Federico Fellini collection, is accessible here, allowing visitors to explore Fellini’s creative process.

Moving to the second floor, the Stanza delle Parole (Talking Room) offers visitors a chance to hear Fellini’s intimate voice, a distinctive trait behind his legend. The Cinemino (Little Cinema) provides a comprehensive view of Fellini’s global impact, and the Convivio (Banquet) is a cinematic space that delves into Fellini’s life, work, and friendships. Visitors can engage with Moviola editing stations to re-edit clips from Fellini’s films, creating a direct and playful experience of his universe.

On the third floor, Fellini’s visions come to life, exploring the magic lantern as a precursor to film and its influence on Fellini’s work, notably in “Casanova.” The magic lantern show is presented in a historical perspective, showcasing its impact on filmmakers and its role in creating a collective mythology. The third floor also features Altane (turrets) projecting captivating images and scenes from Fellini’s films. The space is furnished with comfortable chairs, a bar area, and exhibition cabinets.

At the entrance, a large sculpture depicts the rhino from Fellini’s film “And the Ship Sails On,” symbolizing the entire museum centre. A lighter version of the rhino, nicknamed “Rina,” serves as the ambassador for the Fellini Museum, participating in a Grand Tour of Italy and making appearances at prestigious events like the Venice Film Festival and the Rome Film Festival.

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Visiting Palazzo del Fulgor


Tuesday to Sunday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm, Closed on Mondays



Address: Fellini Museum Palazzo del Fulgor, Via Giuseppe Verdi, Rimini, Province of Rimini, Italy
Duration: 40 minutes

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