Porta Montanara di Rimini

City Gate in Rimini

Porta Montanara Di Rimini
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The ancient Porta Montanara holds a significant place in Rimini’s history. This gate was originally constructed during the 1st century B.C., under the rule of Sulla. It was one of the four entrances, along with the Roman, Gallic, and Marina gates, into the city of Ariminum (now Rimini).

For a span of over four centuries, from the 1400s to 1809, Porta Montanara served as the sole access point to Rimini from the upstream direction. Situated at the end of the Cardine Massimo, which corresponds to the current Via Garibaldi, the gate consisted of two arches.

Tragically, during the events of World War II in 1943, Porta Montanara suffered extensive damage, with only a part of the fornix (arch) surviving. This surviving section was carefully recovered and reassembled using a structure of thin metal elements, eventually being placed inside the courtyard of the Diocese of Rimini near the Malatesta Temple.

However, after nearly six decades in this temporary location, a restoration project began in 2003 to return the ancient gate to its original position on Via Garibaldi. The relocation process involved the painstaking dismantling of the gate stone by stone, followed by a meticulous cleaning of each individual ashlar.

Upon completion of this intricate dismantling, cleaning, and reassembly process, the ancient Porta Montanara from the Roman Republican era was restored to its original context. It once again became a symbol and an iconic representation of the city’s entrance from the upstream direction, adding to the historical significance of the ancient Borgo Sant’Andrea.

The project was further enhanced by repaving the stretch of Via Garibaldi from Via Circonvallazione to Via Bonsi with river flint cubes, marking the location of the medieval gate of Sant’Andrea. This comprehensive restoration effort preserves and showcases Rimini’s rich historical heritage for future generations to appreciate.

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Visiting Porta Montanara di Rimini

Address: Porta Montanara, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Rimini, RI, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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