Eglise Saint-Laurent (Saint-Laurent Church)

Church in Marseille

Marseille Eglise Saint-Laurent
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Zairon

Situated at 16 Esplanade de la Tourette, Saint Laurent Church is a historic site in Marseille, constructed in the Provence Romanesque architectural style. Initially established as a parish for fishermen, it stands on the foundations of what was once a temple dedicated to Apollo.

While direct evidence of Apollo’s temple is scarce, a significant discovery was made—a capital that is believed to have belonged to the temple, suggestive of Apollo’s presence. This intriguing artifact is now exhibited at the Marseille History Museum, adding a layer of historical depth to the site.

Saint Laurent Church has witnessed and withstood significant events, including surviving the destruction during the “Battle of Marseille” in the German occupation. Today, the church maintains an acceptable condition, its primary allure being its rich historical narrative in a city renowned for its remarkable past.

Located directly opposite Fort Saint Jean and connected by a footbridge, Saint Laurent Church presents a relatively modest exterior. Compared to other churches in Marseille, its facade and interior might seem understated, but stepping inside, visitors can feel the profound historical significance and the enduring spirit of resilience and hope that the church represents.

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Visiting Eglise Saint-Laurent (Saint-Laurent Church)

Address: Eglise Saint Laurent, Esplanade de la Tourette, Marseille, France
Duration: 20 minutes

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