Llogara National Park and Llogara Pass

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Maja E Çikës, In The Llogara National Park, Albania
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Martin Brož

Driving along the coastal road from Orikum to Dhermi you can reach the famed Llogara National Park, a stunning twisting road that ascends to 1,027 m and overlooks the Albanian Riviera’s Ionian shore. The lush pine and oak forests are surrounded by numerous mountain ranges and the majestic Ionian Sea. Located just 40 km southeast of Vlora, the Llogara National Park is one of Albania’s most visited nature parks, home to a rich flora and fauna including: deer, wild cats and foxes. The park is often used as a stopping off point on journeys to the Southern Albanian Riviera.

The Llogara Pass divides the mountains into a western and an eastern range. The road will take you through  the popular Llogara Road, which takes you from Orikum to Dhërmi and starts at Dukat village. You will be surrounded by large forests, and gradually climb to the  peaks at 1017 metres. On top of the Llogara Pass, you can find a parking area and a with restaurants and a viewing area.

The visitors have the opportunity to see beautifully-shaped trees, formed by air currents a famous example of this is the Flag Pine tree (Pisha Flamur), a century-old tree, which resembles the Albanian Eagle.

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Visiting Llogara National Park and Llogara Pass

Duration: 20 minutes

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