Lepenice Caves

Cave in Vlorë

Written Cave Of Lepenica
CC BY-SA 4.0 / N.Bajrmaj

The Lepenice caves or “Shpella e Shkruar, Lepenicë, are located to the west above the of the village of the same name.

It is a karst cave formed on limestone rocks and on its walls there are early drawings of great archaeological value. Discovered after 1970s, it features 19 anthropomorphic figures of people made with a brown mineral ink, 8 irregular geometric, which at its center is the figure of a man.

It is thought the paintings date to the end of 3 millennium BC. Cave paintings have also been found in Vlashnja, Bovilla, and Tren.

The painting of Lepenica is applied in a cave shelter situated in the northeast slope of Lepenica Mountain, in an altitude around 800 m. over the sea level, where you can have a better view
of the Shushica River.

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Visiting Lepenice Caves

Duration: 1 hours

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