Ksamil Village

Beach in Sarandë

Ksamil Albanian Riviera
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Artur Malinowski

Ksamil is a pretty village in the Butrint National Park  located south of the city of Sarandë.

Ksamil is one of the most frequented coastal resorts by both domestic and foreign tourists, the main attractions being the white sand and crystal clear waters of the mainland beach and the and the nearby Ksamil Islands. What makes Ksamil different from any other is that it isn’t just one long sandy beach. It’s instead made up of many small coves that wrap around the jagged landscape. Each cove is taken over by a restaurant or bar that maintain the beach chairs and paddle boats for that area. A handful of beach bars have built large boardwalks  hanging over the seawhich you can step right off from into the enticing waters.

The kasimil Islands are three small uninhabited islands, two of them are so close that you can swim right out to them. However, most people rent a kayak or a small boats that are painted to get to them.

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Visiting Ksamil Village

Duration: 3 hours

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