Jesmond Dene Park

Park in Newcastle upon Tyne

Jesmond Dene is a wonderful, historic park in east end of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. It occupies the narrow steep-sided wooded valley of a small river known as the Ouseburn, flowing south to join the River Tyne.

The Land was given to Lord Armstrong as a wedding present in 1835. Lord Armstrong and his wife, laid out the park during the 1860s to reflect a rural setting, with woodland, crags, waterfalls, he built a grotto, many bridges and a waterfall. Mabel’s Mill is a feature. Lord Armstrong later gave the park to the people of Newcastle.

A nature trail has been laid out in the park and takes visitors past the Old Mill, in operation since the mid-1700s. Near the entrance of the park is Millfield House, which provides a range of activities and information. Since the 1960s the park contains a free-entry petting zoo known as “Pets’ Corner”.

The name ‘Jesmond’ meaning ‘mouth of the Ouseburn’ and in the area valleys are commonly known as denes.

Visiting Jesmond Dene Park

Address: Jesmond Dene Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7DZ United Kingdom
Duration: 1 hours

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