Durrës Archaeological Museum

Museum in Durrës

The Durrës Archaeological Museum is the country’s largest archaeological museum in Durrës, Albania.  The museum is a modern, well-lit building, is located near the beach and was founded in 1951.

The majority of the museum collections consist of objects discovered in the Roman site of Dyrrhachium (present day Durrës ) these includes a large selection of Archaeological artifacts from the  Illyrian, Hellenistic, Byzantine and Roman eras. The Roman documents are particularly interesting and include Venus miniature bust and stone sarcophagus.

Unfortunately during the 1997 rebellion the museum was seriously damaged and looted and was only recently renovated.

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Visiting Durrës Archaeological Museum




300 lekë

Address: Rr Taulantia 32, Durrës,
Duration: 1 hours

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