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Church Of San Agustin Malaga
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The Church of San Agustin is located Calle San Agustín next to the Palacio de Buenavista, in the Historic Center of the city of Malaga, Spain.

The building has three parts: church, school and monks’ residence. The church’s beautiful courtyard is next to the Museo Picasso Málaga, on one of the streets that best preserves its original structure. The convent has always been linked to teaching work.

History of Malaga’s Church of San Agustin

The building dates from the 16th century and was bought by the Augustinian friars in 1575. In the building passed into the hands of the State.

The old convent and school of San Agustín, whose building housed the municipal archive and museum of Malaga in the 19th century. Picasso’s father was a curator of the museum and, in compensation for salary delays, they let him have his painting workshop there. Pablo remembered perfectly the visits to his father’s workshop, where he made his popular paintings of pigeons.

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Visiting Church of San Agustin

Duration: 20 minutes

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