Chiostro di San Francesco, Sorrento

Church in Sorrento

Chiesa Di San Francesco D’Assisi Sorrento
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The Church and Cloister of Saint Francis are located near the public gardens of Sorrento, offering stunning views of the picturesque Gulf of Naples. The church, originally built in the 8th century as an oratory founded by Saint Antonino and dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours, was reconstructed in the Baroque style by the Franciscans in the 14th century.

The church features a simple white facade divided into two parts. The well-preserved 14th-century portal is flanked by five pilasters on each side of the lower section. Two arched blind windows frame the portal, with a painting of Saint Francis in the left window and a portrait of Saint Antonino in the right. The upper part of the facade is adorned with a mullioned rose window, flanked by two pilasters on each side, and crowned with a scalloped roof front above the crenelated edges.

Inside, the church has one nave and six chapels. On the right side facing the altar, the first two chapels house statues of Saint Francis and Saint Antonino. On the left side, there are statues of Saint Rita of Cascia and the Immaculate Madonna. Above the altar, a 1735 painting depicts Saint Francis Receiving the Stigmata. The sacristy contains several marble artifacts from different eras, while the reception hall features a 16th-century painting of the Madonna and Child with Saint Michael and John the Baptist.

Adjacent to the church is the monastery cloister of Saint Francis. Founded in the 7th century and ceded to the Franciscans in the 14th century, the cloister showcases a blend of architectural styles. Two sides of the porch feature crossed 14th-century tuff arches, while the other two sides have rounded arches on octagonal columns. Architectural elements from ancient temples and buildings have been incorporated into the cloister’s construction.

The cloister frequently hosts art exhibitions and musical events and is a popular venue for weddings, enhancing its role as a cultural and community hub in Sorrento.

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Visiting Chiostro di San Francesco, Sorrento

Address: Chiostro di San Francesco, Via San Francesco, Sorrento, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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