Cattedrale di Sorrento

Cathedral in Sorrento

Duomo Di Sorrento
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The Sorrento Cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption and the Apostles Philip and James, was consecrated in 1113 and has undergone several significant renovations between 1450 and 1573. Originally showcasing a Baroque style, the cathedral’s facade was redesigned in 1924 to reflect a neo-Gothic style. The church is built on the remnants of an ancient Greek temple, believed to have been dedicated to Zeus.

The cathedral features three entrances, with the central 16th-century main entrance flanked by antique marble columns supporting an ogival arch. Above the entrances are lunettes, with the larger central lunette depicting the Virgin and the smaller lunettes illustrating Philip and James. The upper part of the facade is adorned with battlements and a blind rose window.

Inside, the cathedral is designed in the shape of a Latin cross with three naves, separated by 14 pillars. The flat ceiling is adorned with canvas paintings of 2nd-century martyrs. The dome, frescoed in 1902 by Pietro Barone and Augusto Moriani, adds to the cathedral’s artistic beauty. On the right side of the altar is the chapel where the poet Torquato Tasso was baptized.

The bell tower, situated nearly 200 feet from the church, has an 11th-century Romanesque base. It consists of four square sections featuring arches, niches, cornices, ceramic tiles, and a clock, contributing to the cathedral’s historical and architectural significance.

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Visiting Cattedrale di Sorrento

Address: Cattedrale di Sorrento, Via Santa Maria della Pietà, Sorrento, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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