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Borgo Stretto Pisa
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If you fancy some shopping or simply want to explore the charming narrow streets of medieval Pisa, the Narrow Street is the place to go. This long street is mostly pedestrianized and bustling with various shops, ranging from quaint stores offering books and souvenirs to high-end exclusive boutiques.

Lining both sides of the street are elegant arcades supported by Corinthian columns. Within these arcades, you’ll discover an array of bars, restaurants, and shops. Keep an eye out for CafĂ© Settimelli, which proudly displays a sign stating that it was once the home of the Galilei family, and that Galileo was born there.

The two and three-story houses along the Narrow Street used to belong to wealthy merchant families in the past. As you approach via San Francesco, you’ll come across the 15th-century Poschi Palace, an impressive architectural gem. Moreover, the Narrow Street has numerous narrow side streets branching off from it, leading to delightful open-air markets where you can find fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables. It’s a delightful area to immerse yourself in the medieval charm of Pisa and indulge in some shopping or leisurely strolls.

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Visiting Borgo Stretto



Address: Borgo Stretto, Pisa, Province of Pisa, Italy
Duration: 15 minutes

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