Santo Sepolcro, Pisa

Church in Pisa

Chiesa Del Santo Sepolcro
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Luca Aless

The church mentioned in the description is the Church of Santa Maria della Spina in Pisa. It is an exquisite example of Italian Gothic architecture, known for its unique octagonal plan and pyramid-shaped roof. The church has a fascinating history and has been associated with the Hospitallers of Jerusalem and mistakenly linked to the Templars.

Constructed in the 12th century, the church’s octagonal shape symbolizes “rebirth” and entry into the Christian community. The interior features an original geometric design with esoteric influences centered around the number 8, with a dome supported by pillars equidistant from each other.

The tomb of Maria Mancini, a favorite of Louis XIV, is located inside the church. Another interesting feature is a well with a bucket from the 12th century, which legend says was used by Santa Ubaldesca to transform water into wine.

Santa Maria della Spina is a hidden gem among Pisa’s architectural wonders, and its unique design and historical significance make it a must-visit for those exploring the city’s rich heritage.

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Visiting Santo Sepolcro, Pisa


3:30-5:00 pm



Address: Santo Sepolcro, Piazza Santo Sepolcro, Pisa, Province of Pisa, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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