Applecross Broch & the Archaeological Trail

Historic Site and Walk in Wester Ross

Broch Excavations At Applecross
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Colin Park

The Applecross Broch, thought to be Iron Age, has been the site of many archaeological digs over the years. Only the ruins are visible but it remains a fine example of Applecross history. Detailed information, and some of the ‘finds’ can be found in the Heritage Centre. The Broch, along with two restored Hebridean Barns, and a reconstruction of an Iron Age roundhouse, form part of the Archaeological Trail that winds its way throughout a woodland. Applecross offers wonderful wildlife watching opportunities on a wider network of walking and cycling paths and trails. Sea birds, eagles, waders and wildfowl can be seen on the estuary while otters and heron hunt on both river and sea. There are also some great outdoor recreational activities available in the area, from hiking and biking to sea kayaking and wild swimming

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Visiting Applecross Broch & the Archaeological Trail

Duration: 20 minutes

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